Where do you guys ship from?

Shipped from the United States.

How long is shipping?

Shipping is between 5-7 Days  USA Domestic and International 7-14 Days

What happens when my package is on hold by customs?

Customs checks each packages for clearance if your package has been on hold more than 48 hours please contact us by email so we can resolve the hold. 

Will I get a refund if package gets lost or seize by customs?

No unfortunately.  We recommend shredded for international orders prevent seize by customs.

Do you guys ship purple dye to Australia?


Which Mimosa Bark you guys sell for best quality?

Best Mimosa Bark we provide is from Mexico rarest bark in the valley.

What is the difference between Rare and Legendary Quality?

Legendary is guarnteed consistent quality great colors and smooth material while Rare quality high quality not as consistent as Legendary quality.

Why my debt/card got declined? 

Please make sure the name, address, state ETC matches on the card this helps us prevent fraudulent activities. If our system suspects fraudulent the transaction will be declined. If still declines use the Billing address associated on the card registered by your bank. If questions or concerns please contact us on our contact Us Page.

My package never arrived what do I do?

Contact us right away through our contact page amd one of our staff will be happy to help you!


How do I track my package Live?

Download Route App available for Android and iPhone IOS. Once the app is download follow the setup and insert tracking. Please note you'll have to wait to receive your tracking number in email before you can track your package live with Route.