Mimosa World Join Our Team!

Mimosa World Join Our Team!

Published by MimosaWorld on Mar 27th 2020

We would like to announce our team is currently recruiting social media influencers that has experienced in promoting and love helping others. Such as Instagram,Youtube,Facebook,Reddit ETC. Sign up for our affiliate program to earn a 10% Commission on your first month, after 30 Days it will go up to 15% commission as trier 2. You'll be given an affiliate link and promo code to share to anyone that may be interested of our products. Each time a person uses your promo code (you'll name) you'll earn a commission, same thing when a customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases an item on the store.Click the link below to get started! All Affliate employees will get sponsored on our Hall Of Fame page for being a great productive team player!


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