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We are an United States company that provide top premium Mimosa Hostilis Bark all natural source across the Globe. Powdered Or Shredded is available always in stock, shipped worldwide service. Shipping Domestic is free in the USA however Overnight Shipping flat rate $100.00 and International will cost $50.00 flat rate. We suggest all orders that are outside the USA are purchased in shredded to avoid the hold with customs delay. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive update information, Have any questions please review our FAQ page or email us anytime 24/7 email support.

 We strive to provide the best Mimosa Hostilis for all your needs such as clothing dye, making soap,skin treatment and other cosmetics purposes. We are a honest company that test the bark before it goes to the customer hands. What make us different from other vendors we allow customers to choose prices over quality, Cheaper the bark the Less quality it is the more expensive the higher potent!

By you as the Buyer you AGREE to not use Mimosa Hostilis for any illegal extraction or consumption.

The Mimosa Hostilis is one of the most popular products on Mimosa World. It is also popularly known as Mimosa tenuiflora, as well as Mimosa jurema. The root of this herb has an effective role in the history of psychedelism and shamanism. It is considered as the only herb that is used as a concoction that is ingested orally. Its effects can be quite strong, but also dangerous if used the wrong way.

The mimosa hostilis is a type of plant that is found in the jungles of South America, especially in Brazil. The plant contains active alkaloid properties, which endows it with certain characteristics similar to those produced, only in a totally natural and much stronger way. The use of the mimosa hostilis is reflected through the practices that many indigenous communities make about it . It is mostly used in a mixture with other plants that are part of the fauna of tropical forests of nearby locations. These mixtures are often consumed by villages in ceremonies, with healing effects, working as sedatives and many other ‘magical functions’.